plum1 «pluhm», noun, adjective.
1. a round, juicy fruit with a smooth skin and a stone or pit. Plums are purple, blue, red, green, or yellow.
2. the tree that it grows on. The plum is a member of the rose family and is closely related to the cherry.
3. a) any one of several unrelated trees bearing a similar edible fruit. b) the fruit itself.
4. a raisin or currant in a pudding or cake, especially in a plum pudding.
5. = sugarplum. (Cf.sugarplum)
6. Figurative. something very good or desirable: »

The new job is a fine plum for him.

SYNONYM(S): prize.
7. a dark purple varying from bluish to reddish.
8. British Slang. a) the sum of £100,000: »

a stockbroker in the city, who died worth a plum (Frederick Marryat).

b) a person who has £100,000.
1. made of raisins: »

A plum cake has raisins in it.

2. dark bluish- or reddish-purple.
[Old English plūme, ultimately < Vulgar Latin prūna < Latin prūnum < Greek proûnon, variant of proûmnon. See etym. of doublet prune. (Cf.prune)]
plum´like´, adjective.
plum2 «pluhm», adjective, adverb.
= plumb. (Cf.plumb)

Useful english dictionary. 2012.

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